My personal research and a resource for others into the Pamplin family of Kettering Northamptonshire and Colchester Essex.
by Christopher M. Pamplin. 2008. Updated 2011

Pamplins are thought to have come to England in the 13th Century as traders from the region of Navarre in Northern Spain. The name is thought to come from the French word for Pamplona (Pampyloun). Thaxted in Essex is thought to be the ancestral beginning for the Pamplin family in England.

In the 19th Century my family branch of the Pamplins lived only a few miles away from Thaxted, James Pamplin was born at Lexden in Colchester 1829. He was a railway laborer who for a while lived in Maidstone Kent where George Robert Pamplin was born, later he moved back to Colchester but died leaving a widow and two children when only 31 years old. His wife remarried and had more children. George Robert Pamplin moved to Kettering. My father moved to Devon, where I was born. Since then my father has emigrated to Canada and we now live in Yeovil, Somerset.

George my Great Grandfather, whom I never met, became a carpenter and builder living first in Colchester and then Kettering. George was described by my Grandmother as a 'Jack of all trades' and by my father as having a Father Christmas Beard. The 1881 demographic shows no Pamplins in Northamptonshire prior to George moving there, If he was the first to live there then Northampshire Pamplins are closely related to me.

You can view the family tree and links to the census here

I welcome news from other branches of the family and would be delighted if a common ancestor were found or I could go deeper into the Pamplin history line.

Christopher M. Pamplin 2008

29th November 2008

Since publishing to the web only a month ago I have been contacted by Denise, my second Cousin and her husband John and am delighted to have new photographs of Frederick and George and information which they very kindly sent to me. My thanks to Densie and John. A relation I never knew I had!

I was recently contacted by Tina Sarah Robins nee Pamplin who has now set up a Facebook group page called Pamplins of the UK .Thanks to Tina for all her help.

13th January 2009

Made contact with Nick Chapman through Genes Reunited, who has done a great deal of research into our branch of the Pamplins as his wife is George Robert Pamplins great great grand daughter through his daughter Lily. This has confirmed that James's parents are John and Eleanor pushing our tree back one generation. My thanks to Nick for all his help.

25th January 2009

Made contact with Julia Panter through Genes Reunited who has kindly provided photographs of Louise and supporting documents. My thanks to Julia and her mother Ruth.

7th April 2011

Contact from Andy, regarding one Edward George Pamplin of Kettering. More info requested.

2013 Made contact with Carol who is my 2nd cousin and also lives in Yeovil.

2015 Carol has provided a great deal of information regarding her branch of the family. many thanks.

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